From Behind Bars To Skyrise Penthouse, How this 21-year-old achieved financial independence after jail and you can too.


Success is something most people want to achieve. Although we all have different definitions of success, we all fantasize about the things we want in our lives.  The problem is, “everyone wants to go to heaven, yet nobody wants to die” says, Dylan Caudullo. Most people have big dreams, but they don’t take action to achieve the things that they want. It might be because they do not know the resources available to them, or they are surrounded by the wrong people, or simply because they got stuck into an old way of thinking. We were raised and sold the idea that we had to go to college, get into debt, graduate, get a job, work for years, and then retire. However, the new economy and society have opened new opportunities that allow us to take a different road. 

There are several success stories that stress how taking a different path can set you free. One such example is that of 21-year-old executive, Dylan Caudullo, who never went to college, yet makes more money than most college graduates at only age 21.

Dylan’s success was not handed to him. He did not grow up in a rich family. In fact, he grew up surrounded by negativity and bad influence. He had to overcome incredible hardship that taught him great lessons. He was raised by a single mother after his father abandoned them before he was even born. When he was 15, he became addicted to drugs. What started with weed consumption soon rose to the level of peddling. At 17, he began selling drugs and started making a lot of money.

However, he was arrested for drug use and dealing at only 19 years old. This was the moment that helped him realize he needed to turn his life around. The first step he took towards growth was changing his environment. He was surrounded by the wrong people, and he knew if he wanted to change his situation, he had to begin by changing his circle. Next, he started reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, and attending online courses that taught him valuable skills. He also hired the right mentor who helped him accelerate his success. 

It was during this phase of evolution that he discovered the power of sales. He saw a pattern and realized most successful people were also great salespeople, so he got a job in sales in order to master the skill. 

After dominating in sales, he left his job and in only six months, founded and sold his own marketing agency. At age 20, he left Pennsylvania and moved to California, into a luxurious Skyrise Penthouse. Today, he makes at least $20k in income a month. He has closed over $1 Million in sales for his company within the span of just 45 days. Dylan strongly believes that to achieve anything in life and become independent one must master the art of sales.

We are all just one decision away. Once we commit to growth, success is inevitable. For Dylan, Sales and Leadership changed everything. But in reality, his life started changing once he made the decision to commit. His past does not define him, but it is proof that if someone who went from nothing to everything can make it, so can you. Dylan now teaches others how to change their lives and achieve their goals through the power of sales. 

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