Hard work paid off, VK Digital Music Distributor became a well-known company in a year


VK Digital Music Distributor is a well known name in Himachal Pradesh these days. VK Digital Music Distributor is the only firm in Himachal that distributes short films along with audio distribution video distribution on OTT platform.

But do you know how and who started VK Digital Music Distributor, which made a big name in a very short time. Let us tell you in this article.

VK Digital Music Distributor is started by Vinod Kumar, a 23 year old youth from Himachal Pradesh. Vinod Kumar is a young entrepreneur from Himachal Pradesh and co-editor of a Hindi newspaper. He started his career at a very young age first as a part time music distributor and became a successful entrepreneur in Banad and gradually over time he made a name for himself as a successful artist management and digital marketing industry.

In a span of few years, he founded VK Digital Music Distribution Company working for many reputed artists, brands and celebrities.

Vinod Kumar started his company VK Digital in 2020, which is primarily expanding its business in Audio Distribution and Music Video Distribution. Apart from this, it also provides services like Social Media Management, Google Knowledge Graph, PR Coverage, Brand Promotion and much more.
VK Digital Music Distribution is the only firm in Himachal that does audio distribution, video distribution as well as distribution of short films on OTT platform.

At the very young age of 23, Vinod Kumar has achieved immense success and recognition with the determination to achieve higher and faster. Vinod Kumar was creating a world of possibilities for himself as a capable young man.

This young and dynamic personality not only uses his influence to attract and endorse brands but also to some extent to inspire and encourage those who do not get these services at very affordable prices.
VK provides digital music business service so that every independent artist can develop their music business and earn like big music companies.

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