How this 24-Year Old Delhi-based businessman created a successful business empire


Veejay Yadaav is a 24-year old Delhi-based businessman who has multiple businesses across different avenues ranging from his own production house to export import business of rubber, clothes and electronics. He is also an active investor in the share market and has made a great amount of fortune from there as well. Let’s decode the ingredients of his secret sauce of success. 

Veejay Yadaav says that he always had this intuition that he could do far better in his own business than what he can do for someone else. Also, he has this strong belief of making the society a better place to live in and he consistently make philanthropic efforts to do so. Philanthropy needs more than generous amount of money which certainly a job could not have provided him with. Therefore, he started his businesses.

Veejay Yadaav’s production house “Rich Life Cinemas” has produced major hits and collaborated with one of the largest record labels in the world, “T-Series”, his production house has also produced an international film festival semi-finalist movie “Happier & Beyond” which was played at 6 different film festivals.

Some of the most iconic songs that his production house has produced are “Tak Tak Tak’’ which was released in collaboration with T-Series and “Wakhra Roop” , “Shor Kar di”, “Phool Gulabo” and movies like “Happier and Beyond”, 

This 24 year old hard-working and passionate man born and raised in Delhi has also produced “Happier & Beyond” which went on to be selected in 6 international film festivals and also became the semi-finalist at a place. Some other films that he has produced are The Unique Gift, Hasya-Avishkar, Soch- A New Beginning.

The most amazing thing about him is that he is humble and he knows his avenues of interests and Veejay most certainly has a good knack of understanding as where should he invest his money in.

He has investments in 3 major restaurant businesses in India and he also owns the export-import business of the clothes, electronics and rubber which mainly deals with Europe as well as Malaysia.

Having tasted success across multiple businesses, Veejay also holds an expertise in share market and has a great understanding of it. His portfolio is huge enough to make him a stock market shark.

When we asked him about his business empire and what motivates him to keep levelling up his game, he said, “The most important thing a man should do after he has made a fortune is that he must give it back to the society and god for they are the ones who helped him taste the success. This is what motivates me to achieve more.” And we agree. 

It is a rare sight to see a philanthropist in today’s world who knows how to strike a balance between his wealth accumulation and philanthropy but Veejay understands how to do that.

He has been donating for a while now ever since he has understood the value of giving it back to the society, he hasn’t stopped and this is what I find the most inspiring aspect of his personality.

Veejay has donated a lot (undisclosable amount) to the temples and ashrams charity and at the same time he has also adopted two villages and 100 women for who he makes sure that he provides them with food and basic necessities for one year and he plans on doing the same for the upcoming years.  

It is rare to see someone who has both material possessions as well as a big heart to donate his wealth with generosity among the needy ones.

Veejay Yadaav is really very well-accomplished since at such a young age he has made a great amount of fortune for himself and at the same time, he also makes sure that he gives it back to the society. Veejay has everything that one dreams to have and yet he is so humble. He has all the luxurious and supercars ranging from BMW Z4, Mercedes, Mini Cooper to Duster and Swift along with the coolest superbikes in the world and the Condos, Villas and Farmhouses both in India and all around the globe.

He is the epitome of class, an ideal businessman who does not only know how to create wealth but also knows how to distribute it with humility among those who are in need.

I hope more and more young men reading this article will get inspired from this. Afterall that was the purpose behind this interview and story. We wish Veejay Yadaav all the best for his upcoming ventures and movies.

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