Hussan Ahmad Ks is a popular Pakistani singer set to create buzz


Hassan Ahmad Khan (born; April 2, 2002) professionally known as Hussan Ahmad Ks is a Pakistani singer, author, entrepreneur, digital marketer & influencer. He is from Derianwala, Narowal, Pakistan. His father name is Nasrullah Khan. He is a Ranger’s officer.

Hussan Ahmad Ks is well-known to musicians and fans around the world through his innovative You Tube videos, featuring pedagogical content, commentary on the music business, historical reviews, and of course, an eclectic performance catalog, with everything from jazz standards, to pop tunes and his own original music. Hassan Ahmad Khan’s online collaborations feature a treasure trove of musical giants, including Bill Watrous Ron Wilkins, Phil Wilson, Arturo Sandoval, Carol Jarvis, and many more. He has made a notable contribution to the historical, technical, and musical content available to trombone players, students, and enthusiasts, and we are excited to see what he will bring to Iowa in 2019!

Nowell’s debut album “Man Ye Na Bhare” has received critical acclaim for its originality fusing acoustic trombone with the electronic world. He offers a free class on his website that helps musicians build their business and optimize their talents online. He has written four books.Now, if you search about him on Google then you will see his channel is verified as a musical artist. Now you might wonder why YouTube verified his channel as a musical artist or gave him a music note verification badge?

Basically, Hussan Ahmad Ks released his first soundtrack on Spotify in 2019 but after some time he released that track officially on other music streaming platforms like Google Play Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, and many others. That’s why YouTube officially verified his channel as a musical artist.

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At this point of life of he is successful but there is a lot more to achieve. His dedication always help him to succeed. He really worked hard to become successful. The journey isn’t easy but constant hard work, courage, and dedication lead him to success. He is still working in his field and according to Hassan Ahmad Khan – Hussan Ahmad Ks: ”It doesn’t rain without clouds”. You cannot succeed unless you work hard.




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