GriffPX forms independent record label Hurt Kamp in New York


Justin Griffin (born May 20, 1999), better known by his stage name GriffPX is an American rapper & CEO from Niagara Falls, New York. Griff and his older Brother “Victor Griffin” also known as “Vik Almighty” Formed rising independent recording label based in New York and Alabama “Hurt Kamp” Records.

Griff’s label Hurt Kamp is home to Superstar Producer SpeakerKnockerz, Who has produced hits for NBA Youngboy, Key glock, Lil boosie, Waka Flocka, TLE Cinco, Li Heat, luh soldier, and Big Yavo, and is also home to rising Birmingham Alabama rapper Keze Montana, whom Griff spoke highly of.

GriffPX prides his self on taking care of his label & Artist, as long with his music. His brother “ViK almighty” Co founder of the label also states that he never heard anyone on this planet create music the way his brother “Griff” does & will bet a million dollars on the talent on the label to compete with anybody.

Griff had a ruff upbringing in one of the most dangerous cities in New York State. Niagara Falls.

Griff also spent some of his earliest years in Talladega Alabama where he got some of his trap melodic sound.

Griffs dad moved to Alabama a few years after griffs mom passed in 2000.

griff would fly back and forth from New York and Alabama on holidays. He says Alabama is like his second home and is the reason why he is so versatile with his music.

His stepmother debra Jones Griffin and his auntie Belinda Keith are singers so he always had a feel for Rhythm, melody, and flow Since a young age from being around them.

Griff says growing up in Niagara Falls and seeing his dad work hard and later on watching his sister Knakiyta Give up her last to provide for him and his brothers made him the humble man he is today. Coming from section 8 housing made him even hungrier to pursue his dream.

Griff’s biggest inspiration of all is Toronto mega star Drake.

After Going to a drake concert when he was 13 It inspired him and he took music way more serious. He says as a child and seeing your hero perform right in front of your very eyes is the most outerbody experience ever. Griff also says seeing him in person put things in perspective for him that he can really do this and it can really happen.

The Artist hit the France top 100 music charts with Buzzing Records like ‘’Your World’‘ And ’‘FIYS’‘ and also reaching a massive amount of streams on Spotify and Tidal.

The artist released his debut EP called ”Galileo” on february 20th, 2020. He is also managed by popular Toronto music artist & business mogul ”safiya jinn”

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