KH1 Rapper Music Takeover with “Land of Unjust”


New Jersey native Mekhi Hayes is also known as Kh1, a young Hip Hop artist, striving to deliver effective messages to his audience including but not limited to: love, pain, and social issues.

The clever and intelligent rhyme schemes used in his songs captivate an audience while taking them through a lyrical journey in the process.

Kh1 began his official rap career by posting freestyles on Instagram while gaining traction and respect from listeners following him on social media.

Using social media platforms as a promotional outlet, he has gained recognition from producers and artists around the country searching for collaboration opportunities. His first single “Land of Unjust” was released on major platforms and created a buzz, due to a poised and experienced cadence and message.

Releasing more musical projects independently is the initial step to showcasing his true talent level to the world, resulting in a thriving musical journey. Kh1 is ready to make a change in the game with his passion for music. Be on the lookout for new releases!

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