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There are many famous Khatik people in our Khatik society who are very powerful on social media who can become headlines with just one post. And can give a strong identity to the society but they do not do so. Reason can be their personal, political, or lack of information, and less technical knowledge also comes in the way.

It is the responsibility of the whole society to keep the information given in “famous Khatik people” up to date, if you find any information incomplete or inaccurate, then contact WhatsApp Support.

Khatik Politicians

Khatik MPs

Jagannath PahadiaEx. Chief MinisterRajasthan
Vinod Sonkar17th Lok Sabha Member of the Lok Sabha since 2014Kaushambi
Dr. Manoj Rajoria17th Lok Sabha Member of Parliament,Karauli-Dholpur
Udit Raj16th Lok Sabha Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha (born Ram Raj Sonkar) Congress SpokespersonRohiniDelhi
Dr. Virender KumarProtem Speaker in 17th Loksabha, 7 times Member of Parliament, Cabinet MinisterTikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
Krupal Balaji Tumane17th Lok Sabha Member of Parliament, Shivsena
Sajjan Singh VermaMember of Parliament, Minister,Madhya Pradesh
Dr. Bhola Singh17th Lok Sabha, Member of ParliamentBulandshahar
Neelam Sonkar16th Lok Sabha, Member of ParliamentJaunpur
Bizay Sonkar ShastriFormer Member of Parliament and current BJP Spokesperson
Rajnath Sonkar ShastriMember of Parliament, Lok Sabha (1980-1984)
Munshi RampalMember of Parliament,
Anil Firojiya17th Lok Sabha, Member of ParliamentUjjain
Narayan Prasad ChaudharyMP, RajyasabhaJabalpurMadhya Pradesh

Khatik MLAs

Dr. Gauri Shankar ShejwarState Cabinet MinisterMadhya Pradesh
Tulsi SilawatMember of Legislative Assembly & Health MinisterSanwerMadhya Pradesh
Banshi Singh PahadiaMember of Legislative AssemblyKhurjaUttar Pradesh
Harishankar KhatikMember of Legislative AssemblyJataraMadhya Pradesh
Rajesh SonkarMember of Legislative AssemblyMadhya Pradesh
Lakhan GhanghoriyaMember of Legislative Assembly
Kailash Nath SonkarMember of Legislative Assembly, Suheldev BSPAjagara ConstituencyUttar Pradesh
Ved Prakash SolankiMember of Legislative Assembly (2018)ChaksuRajasthan
Bheem Prasad SonkarMember of Legislative AssemblyUttar Pradesh
Ravi Kumar SonkarMember of Legislative AssemblyUttar Pradesh
Ramesh Prasad KhatikMember of Legislative Assembly (2008)KareraMadhya Pradesh
Dinesh KhatikMember of Legislative Assembly (2017)HastinapurUttar Pradesh
Jagdish SonkarMember of Legislative AssemblyUttar Pradesh
Prakash SonkarFormer Member of Legislative AssemblyMadhya Pradesh
OP MahendraMember of Legislative Assembly (2003)KesrisinghpurRajasthan
Vidyasagar SonkarMember of Legislative CouncilUttar Pradesh
Vidya Sagar SonkarLegislative CouncilUttar Pradesh
Shriram SonkarMember of 11th, 13th and 17th Legislative Assembly
Banke Lal SonkarMember of 13th Legislative Assembly
Shiv Singh ChakMember of 13th Legislative Assembly
Anchal SonkarMember of legislative Assembly (2013)Madhya Pradesh
Babulal NagarMember of Legislative AssemblyRajasthan
Uma Devi Khatik2 times Member of legislative Assembly (BJP)HataMadhya Pradesh
Shakuntala KhatikMember of Legislative Assembly (Congress)KareraMadhya Pradesh
Munshilal KhatikMember of Legislative Assembly (1977)MorenaMadhya Pradesh
Uttamchand KhatikMember of Legislative AssemblyNaryoliMadhya Pradesh
Omprakash KhatikTwo times Member of Legislative AssemblyKolarasMadhya Pradesh
Kamta Prasad KhatikMember of Legislative Assembly (1977)KolarasMadhya Pradesh
Dariyav KhatikMember of Legislative Assembly (1991)JhajjarHaryana
Atul KhatikMember of Legislative Assembly (1966)HastinapurUttar Pradesh
Amar Singh KhatikMember of Legislative Assembly Kaimganj (2017)Uttar Pradesh
Narendra NagarMember of Legislative Assembly Khanapur (2013)Rajasthan
Madan DilawarMember of Legislative AssemblyRamganj Mandi
Shambhu Dayal BadgujarMember of Legislative AssemblyKekri, Ajmer
Deep Chandra SonkarMember of Legislative Assembly (1985)Shahganj (SC)
Achhelal SonkarMLA, 1985Jabalpur EastMadhya Pradesh
Shekhar ChaudharyMLA, CongressGotegaonMadhya Pradesh

Khatik Civil Servants

Khatik IPS/ Police Officers

SN Chak(1974 Batch) IPS officer, retd. as DGP (Prosecution) in UP Police.Uttar Pradesh
Vivek Raj Singh Kukrele(2006 Batch) IPS officer, Superintendent of Police, Madhya Pradesh.
Shraddha SonkarIPS officer
Alka SonkarJail Adhikshak (source)Madhya Pradesh
Pramod SonkarASP Crime Branch (source)Madhya Pradesh

Khatik Journalists

NameKnown For
Sona KhatikJournalist from Kapilvastu, Nepal

Khatik Actors

NameKnown For
Pinki SonkarFeatured in “Smile Pinki(2008)”, a 39-minute documentary directed by Megan Mylan. The documentary won the 81st Academy Awards for Best Documentary.
Ansh Bagrifame of “Days of Tafree” movie
Sapna Khatik

Khatik Artists

NameKnown For
Suman PrasadWall Mural, Painting Artist in Jamshedpur
Shraddha SonkarPainting Artist

Khatik Sports Person

NameKnown For
Muskan KirarInternational Archery Player
Shiv KhoiwalInternational Basketball Player
Shraddha SonkarNational Football Player
Pooja KhannaIndian Archery Player
Barkha SonkarInternational Basketball Player

Which people are considered as Famous Khatik People?

We add famous and influential people from every field like politicians, actors, sportspersons, singers etc. to this list.

What are the requirements?

Any one of the following: –

  • People who have Wikipedia page.
  • People who have a blue tick on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • People who have more than 10k follower base on any social media account.

How to report any wrong information?

If you want to improve any information, then you can inform the office of the website through WhatsApp Support.

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