Meet Khushboo Prasad, A Rising Singing Sensation from Jamshedpur


Khushboo Prasad, a rising singing sensation from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand was born on 17th June, 1994. She showed a deep interest in singing and music from an early age. Consequently, her father, late Mr. Ashok Prasad, bought her a harmonium and enrolled her in singing lessons in 2008.

Soon after, accompanied by her father, Khushboo started auditioning for singing reality shows in Kolkata. Although, she was never selected the constant encouragement and support of her family motivated Khushboo to hone her skills.

Mr. Prasad wished to see his talented daughter performing on a grand stage and thriving as a singer. However, right before her 10th board examination, fate took a turn for the worse when Mr. Prasad passed away in an accident.  

His sudden demise took a toll on each family member and they began grieving and coping in their own ways. Though, life would never be the same they mustered up enough courage to continue chasing their dreams.  

However, due to financial constraints Khushboo had to quit singing lessons for some time and focus solely on higher education. Her older sister Suman Prasad, who is now a renowned artist, took up several jobs and taught fine arts to children and adults to make ends meet. Khushboo is immensely proud of her sister who became a parent that unconditionally loved, sacrificed, encouraged and provided for their family.

By 2014, inspired by her sister, Khushboo started giving private singing lessons. By 2016, she began earning enough to attend singing classes again. Unfortunately, a few months later her guruji passed away, which meant Khushboo was left to her own devices yet again. During this time, she kept practicing what she had learned from her gurus so far.      

The same year, Khushboo with her older sister Suman, decided to start an academy to offer singing, dance, music and fitness classes in Jamshedpur. Thus, FlaminArt Academy came into being. In her capacity as director of FlaminArt, Khushboo manages every aspect involved in running an academy.

The following year, just when things were beginning to look up, Khushboo began facing throat problems and was advised by her doctor to stop singing completely. She felt she was back to square one because for almost two years Khushboo had to give up her passion entirely. She could no longer learn, practice or perform. Hence, she focused all her attention on managing FlaminArt Academy. Eventually, despite great difficulties Khushboo resumed practicing. Slowly but surely, her skills were improving.

In December 2019, students of FlaminArt Academy requested Khushboo to perform at their academy’s annual event, The Evening Shades. Khushboo agreed apprehensively and kept practicing. By god’s grace, her performance was excellent and extremely well received. Next, she received an opportunity to perform at a New Year’s Eve event. Few days later she performed at a school. Both performances were highly praised and appreciated by audiences.

Now, Khushboo continues to practice and upload medleys, covers and more on her social media. Her followers frequently request her to sing specific songs and she gladly does.

Finally, Khushboo feels that her hard work and dedication are paying off and her singing career is taking off. Khushboo aspires to prove her mettle and make her late father, her mother and her sisters immensely proud. She aims to be financially stable and, in a position, to help those in need.

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