Lil Baby Woo sharing his life story


Julien Bradley who is 23 years old and from Philadelphia goes By Name Lil Baby Wooo Started Rapping 1 Year Ago And Started To Take My Career Seriously 7 months Into That Year I Always Listed To Pop Smoke Plus Young Thug And Lil Uzi Vert Love Their Style To Music And What They Do Outside Of Music.

What Made me Wanna Rap Was I Was Always Different In My Personality Drip Game And Way I Carry Myself But 2018-2020 I Went Threw Some Tuff Times By Losing My Dad Getting Lock Up Almost Facing Life I Never Had Both Parents There Only My Mom Did All By Herself Felt Like Going Through Trials and Tribulations That Made Wise And Smart I Realize I Hear For Bigger Purposes Help People The Kids See Different Way One Day Started Free-styling My Brothers And I Thought Sound Different Plus I Could Change The Game So Everyday I Work On My Rapping & Took My craft To Next Level Got Studio Made Good Different Music I Keep Going It’s A Passion.

My Future Plans Is Do Features With Some Huge Artist Show Kids That Do Anything Put Mind To With Right People Around You Plus Faith . Open Up Businesses Where People Can Come And Have Fun Bring There Kids Family Just Good Vibes Most Important Have My Own Studio And Learn How To Produce My Own Music Which I Always Feel Every Great Artist Eventually Learn How To Do In There Career Win Billboard Plaques Just Keep Progressing with my music And Do Everything Never Done Yet That World Offer.

Upcoming Projects I’m Working On A Album Right Now That I’m Putting 150% My Work On It One My First Albums So I Have To Make It Different Something Nobody Herd Or Can Imitate I Going Have About 12 To 15 Song On It Some Big Features So Tap In My Music Is On All Platform My Instagram I’m Influencer / Artist I Would Check That Out Too You Find Me At Lil_babywooo On Instagram Plus I’m Dropping A Ep With All My Recent Songs That Made Every Good & Different Music .

My Lifestyle Growing Up Was Very Normal Was Born In Philadelphia At University Of Penn Mom Raised Me My Dad Wasn’t Really There I Was Hard See That Growing Up But Felt Like Had Do My Dad Part I Seen Lights Get Cut Off As Kid Water Cut TV Everything Think Of So I Know The Struggle Keep My Faith With God But Also Had A lot Fun I Met My Brothers I Know Now In School Plus Daycare We Still Brother We All Trying Get Same Place I’m Older Now I Seen A lot About Life That Made Me To Man I Am Today Made Wanna Start Making Music Just Seen My Mom Do With No Help Push Me As A Man To Make It Make Sure She Always Good & Brothers Because They Was Only One There . Appreciate You For Reading Baby Wooo!!