Loka in the shoes & Dropout on the Shoot


Loka, an underground HipHop Artist particularly known for his Back to Back Banger Rap songs. Also widely known as Splitsvilla X2 contestant has overcame with his blasting Banger song “Punjab ki Billo Aur Main Bombay se Billa” today afternoon. The Official Music Video has been already released on his youtube channel which is Shot by DROPOUT MEDIA and the whole production has been set up by Dropout Media Team.

In this period of lockdown, earlier Loka released this same song on his channel with unofficial video which won the hearts of people and crossed 1.8 Million views which was also edited by Team Dropout Media. Now, when this song started getting viral among the celebrities, people started demanding official video of this song as they wanted to see Loka in the official video. This song mainly got viral on Tiktok when it wasn’t banned but now has been gone viral on Insta Music & Youtube.

It was the need of situation that Loka has to come up with the Official Music video for the same on the public demand and request of his fans. In this period, Loka planned his indoor shoot with all safety and precautions following Stay Home Policy with his own Production Dropout Media who is standing and supporting him since Day 1. This video has been shot being indoors featuring the Hottest Model from Mumbai “ISHAA VAIDYA”.

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This song is the new version in which the Music is given by the Award Winning Beat Producer – Aakash Ravikrishnan & Xtacy and the official video is SHOT BY DROPOUT MEDIA with it’s team including.

SongPunjab ki Billo Aur Main Bombay se Billa
DirectorShubham Dolas
DOPJordan & Hardik
EditorBhavesh & Prashant

All the details as above provided by the Manager of Dropout Media, Mr. Saurabh Sharma aka Prince. Now this song is officially available on all Music platforms including Insta Music. Hopefully, this video will fulfill the demands of his fans and people will surely wait for his next upcoming Banger JORDAN SHOES for which Loka officially announced the release date of 4th August 2020.

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