Making The Best Out Of Myself This Lockdown: Priyanka Rajpal


This lockdown, when everyone is living a routine monotonous life in their homes and tired of doing all possible stuff they could, the renowned actor, model and social media influencer Priyanka Rajpal is making the best out of her free time. To begin with, she tried her hands in cooking.

From instant fast food items like pasta, pizza and noodles to mouth-watering delicacies like cakes and pastries she had experimented all and fortunately she was successful in all her ventures with food. It was an all-new experience for her. She also shared her passion to her large number of fans on her Social Media account and gained lot of appreciation too. Moreover, during this lockdown it becomes very important to stay in shape, stay healthy and fit physically, mentally as well as socially.

Therefore, Priyanka gives utmost priority to her fitness as well. She does regular exercise, yoga and meditation to purify her mind and soul. She is also well aware about the path of self- introspection and believes that it is important for one to realize the inner-self and introspection is the best way to achieve this goal. Also, she also knows the essence of a proper balanced diet in which all the daily vitamins, minerals and roughage are included. She drinks plenty glasses of water throughout the day, and undoubtedly her skin glows because of that.

On the other hand, she loves to impart her knowledge about fashion and style to her fans following which she frequently uploads her Makeup Tutorial videos on her Instagram as well as her very own YouTube Channel. Her videos are a step-by-step guide for makeup and grooming which are very easy to understand. This is no doubt good news for her fans. They can utilise this opportunity and learn as much as they can from her tutorial videos.

Now days, TikTok Application is trending especially in our country India. Priyanka is also using this app as a medium to entertain her fans. She not only posts videos full of entertainment but also in most of her videos, we can also see a pinch of social awareness which proves that how kind and humble she is at person.

Adding to the list, she also works from her home sweet home obeying the Social Distancing rules laid down by the government of India, because she is a responsible citizen of India. Priyanka gives equal weightage to both her passion and profession. Her job and blog go parallel and she has trained herself so well that she is able to maintain a perfect balance between her personal and professional life simultaneously.

This tough time, when the entire nation is suffering from the pandemic COVID-19 and compelled to follow the lockdown rules and social distancing, Priyanka is utilising her Social Media as a weapon to spread positivity among her loved ones. From Facebook to Instagram, YouTube to Snapchat, WhatsApp to Twitter and last but not the least TikTok , she is using each and every social media platform to stay connected with her large number of fans and spread smiles through her content.

Her activeness inspires many younger generations to stay creative no matter whether you are caged around in your home and unable to go to work. She advises all too strictly obey the rules laid down this quarantine and maintain social distancing as much as possible. She urges people to stay together through technology and also through maximum use of social media to stay in touch with their near and dear ones, but not to step out of their homes. We must follow her advice.

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