Mamma Cabs to Install GPS and CCTVs in all Vehicles to Ensure Women Safety


Established by Mr. Sathya Vikas Empati who is from a Small Village Kothapalli in Palakurthi Mandal, Peddapalli (Dist.), Mamma Cabs and Mamma auto is a Hyderabad based company, developing by Varalaxmikumar Technologies Private Limited. Whose mission is to provide reliable, timely, and safe cab and auto services in Telangana and other metro cities in India It is the first of its kind with a CC inside cab aggregator service provider, which will in the future; win the hearts of the public.

Mamma Cabs to Install GPS and CCTVs in all Vehicles to Ensure Women Safety

Which will in the future; win the hearts of the public

They will provide the complete services using the latest equipment and technology to make travel easier. They also realize that communication is a key component in their business. All the cabs are well maintained, clean and regulated for safety and comfort. The company is trying to build a reliable business and trying to come up as an alternative to the existing taxi services. It offers the minimum pay fare for the customer. As well as offers a number of successful markets campaigns including Sedan at Base Fare at Rs. 16.38/- per km, sharing cabs at Base fare Rs. 10.08/- per km only and Auto base fare at Rs. 10.24/- per km. It also provides passes for metro services, cab sharing and Sedan Pass. They have come up with an amazing idea of introducing metro cabs and school cabs as well, which everybody can afford.

They plan to give their priority to the consumer satisfaction and considering specially as women safety, as such they have also planned to ensure GPS tracking and CCTV surveillance for women and Children’s safety as the emerging social needs. It is also the first ever cab and auto service to provide it’s faithful and hardworking drivers with opportunities like lucky draw and other bonuses.

In the long run, Mamma Cabs and auto will emerge as the leading taxi services, which has not only maintained the traditional methods but also used and facilitated the modern techniques and equipment’s, keeping in mind the requirements and affordability of the consumers.

Mamma is a cab aggregator and on demand cab service provider to customers. Here is a list of features:

Hygiene Focus and security – CCTV enabled with the feed option to be shared with 5 contacts. SOS option. Special focus on women safety, Specialized fixed routes – metro, schools, corporates, airports, outstation and tourism.

Outstation services available in sharing also Luxury cars for airports – available as option.

Cab And Auto Drivers: Based on driver performance, ratings, no of days and hours of services and several other factors, drivers would be provided with several benefits like 25kg rice per monthRs.1500 worth ration per month to driver family, girl child education of Rs. 25,000 per yearRs. 5 lakhs worth health insurance coverage for driver family.

Food Delivery: One the slogan of “We don’t waste your tasty time” we delivery food on your way. Whereas a customer can order their food on the way, Mamma Cabs provide to select the food through cab and deliver the order before the destination of rider.

Service: As an aim of MAMMA Cabs is happy to serve the physically, mentally handicapped and senior citizens. MAMMA Cabs offering whole time 50% discount to the certified physically, mentally handicapped, senior citizens aged above 60 years, 20% Discount for police organizations and 10% discount for government Hospital departments. This is valid only in the sharing cabs.

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