Meet “Ankit Devanshi” the man behind the Success of Child Humanity Foundation


They say, “If something is truly meant for you, no one & nothing can stop you from getting it”, an 18-year-old teen proved this quote true.

Meet “Ankit Devanshi” better known as Dev, the 18-year-old teen is now an inspiration for many youths, Dev and his organization helps many poor and orphan children as he has given them a better place to live in through his organization, ‘Child Humanity Foundation’ also known as ‘SitaRam Sarla Foundation’.

A day in the life of Dev

Dev was born and raised in Bihar and moved to Chandigarh for higher studies. He has been in other states for over 06 years. Today, he works three jobs – as a student at a Chandigarh university, at his organization “Child Humanity Foundation”, and also as an author as he is fascinated to write fiction.

“I start my day at around 5 am every day. The morning is not so simple as always, every day I have to manage two jobs, I study in a university, and need to be in a class by 9 am.

I finish at around 2.30 pm and then I contact to office(Child Humanity Foundation), in the evening I go to the ground and play with the friends. By 7.30 pm I go back to my own room. On the days I am not teaching, I manage my studies. My life is trying to balance itself on an ostrich egg (laughs), but Today is not a typical day,” he tells to FamePublish.

Dev feels strongly about the shroud of ignorance for the poor and orphan kids and wishes to dispel some of the ignorance through his organization. “When I used to think about the life of poor kids, I literally find goosebumps on my skins, why don’t anyone thinks for those, who don’t have anyone to think for them and one thing I always asked myself, why don’t they (poor and orphan kids) gets of what they deserve?”

Even many close friends and extended family did not understand Dev’s concern for these children.

 “My many friends discouraged me because this was something unknown of, and there was very little knowledge and the main thing which works as a wall is the money, How can I fulfill the requirements then I surpassed my many negative thoughts.

There were a lot if thoughts and people who were backing my taking care of these children,” he recalls.

Undeterred, Dev put them into his organization care by giving them what they deserve.

“We first started the organization at my residence with my buddy and one of the founders of this organization “Kunal Singh”. We were all managing together, but our preparation was so small that after taking care of three children we could not do more. So We thought that We had to grow this organization more and had to increase the members/ volunteers” Dev explains, Then we countered to the expensive task of establishment of Child Humanity Foundation.

BluePrint of “Child Humanity Foundation”

Helping the helpless, This thought hits Dev and Kunal in the mid of year 2018 but at that time they were not at that condition to collect such an amount for creating such an organization.

So with time, the thought got blurred in their mind but with god’s grace, that thing triggers their mind again in November 2019, and this time they used their own funds to build the Child Humanity Foundation.

They began by supporting around eight children with his own funds, following which he received funds from friends and relatives, later on, many of their friends engage with them to provide kids with what they deserve.

But the mammoth task of increasing the number of members or Participants, lay ahead of him.

“After establishing the base for the Child Humanity Foundation, adding participants was a very big task because nobody wanted to come and work for any new organization,” Dev recalls.

The Child Humanity Foundation in northern Bihar is now helping the helpless children.

They then came up with the idea of adding his friends and relatives first. They managed to create a Committee of members boards with 12 people’s they all were around 16 to 20 years old. Child Humanity Foundation now is a family of 120 members and 200+ volunteers and the numbers are still increasing.

“Every member who is engaged in any activities created by the organization gets a certificate (from the child Humanity committee), which enables them to be in our touch and can show anyone what they have done for society,” he says.

We also used to enroll children in government schools or private school, but for whom who actually want to study, our team continues to keep an eye on their performance and their life even after they turn 18. Some of the children have even come back and worked with us as members.

“It brings me a satisfaction or peace when they smile” Dev says.

The road ahead

Dev says he has no plans of expanding their organization but wants to work on other projects such as the “orphanage project”, currently We are started a new project “door-to-door support “.

“Through the door to door support, we are working towards helping children in their own homes. We want to provide institutional care as a last resort because we believe that children should stay with their families and be provided with support.

Usually, because of poverty and lack of awareness, these children are set aside and are getting sent to places like ours but we are here and We are creating awareness” Dev adds.

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