Meet India’s social media expert Bablu Baghel


On today’s internet, a handful of giants have unmatched dominance.
Today, where the reach of social media has reached every corner of the world, in the same way, it has become a necessity of the people. Social media is a significant aspect of everyday life for people all around the world. As more countries industrialize and Wi-Fi becomes more common, even some of the most remote populations are taking the time to use and create social media accounts. Currently, more than half the world’s population is using social media of some type. With 4.2 billion users worldwide, the average user logs onto social media platforms for more than two hours a day.

All industries are engaged in increasing their followers and brand value. The blue tick mark behind the name of the account on social media shows the reputation of the brand. In this race, efforts are being made to get fame on social media from Bollywood to politicians as well. Twitter is very popular among political leaders, the same actors are giving a touch to Facebook and Instagram.

Indian Internet entrepreneur Bablu Baghel is an owner, founder of Filmiline & Edition Week an Internet-based business that aims to list Indian Films cast and crews as the ultimately authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

Bablu Baghel said, “We strive to provide our customers with the creative expertise of an actor associated with special films and make them stand out on the internet. Our team has excelled in the challenging task, with determination, With every aspect carefully designed, we do whatever it takes to deliver on time to deliver a satisfactory and long-lasting result.

In this digital era, we have tried and strives to bring sure and proper growth in the digital marketing business. Therefore, our vision is to deliver the services that are transmitted to take the business of our clients to the heights of success.

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