Meet Pranay Anand, A Delhi Based Content Creator


Pranay Anand, a Delhi based content creator who loves to play with ideas revolving around fashion, lifestyle, and self-development. He is a Data Scientist and enjoys producing music when he is not working.

Pranay used to enjoy photography as a hobby, started to explore more, and came across the concept of digital content creation. He started learning image and video editing, going about learning designs, and scraping ideas on Pinterest. (Now he gets more 100k+ monthly unique visitors)

Also, Pranay got a side push when he observed that often, his friends used to consult him for clothing and grooming. That’s when he realised his knowledge and potential and hence, went ahead with the niche of fashion, lifestyle, and self-development! Anand started with a very small audience, mostly his known ones. He kept learning about different social media platforms, used to gather feedbacks regarding his content, and now he has a community spread across India consisting of young men who are willing to grow and redefine their personality.

Currently, he operates as a one-man army. He comes up with ideas, executes them, edits photos and videos on his own. And yes engages and analyses the performance, and that’s something most of us forget.

Pranay believes there is a style in everything, one just needs the right lens(vision) to observe it and what’s better than our own eyes. Hence the name, thatvoguelens. It’s all about the perspective.

Pranay Anand is always up for creative and unique ideas to work on and deliver the best in order to attract the potential audience. And then helping them out in self-development through style in a personalized way such that it actually leaves an impact in the other person’s mind. He claims creativity to be his USP. He always withstands with the statement that confidence is the best currency one could own.

He creates content for young men while focusing on Tier 2 and 3 cities of India. They are the ones who have comparatively less access to resources. Pranay wants to make their time spent on social media, worth it “Aaye ho toh kuchh seekh ke hi jao”.

He mentions styling, communication tips, daily habits which eventually develops a better lifestyle directly impacting one’s confidence and personality. And yes, most of his content has a humor bite to it which makes the person remember the point being made.

Pranay recalls creating this stop motion video for featuring their Intelligent Apparel. He had to drop cold drink, ketchup, and whatnot on his clothing and styling it at the same time. Quite a fun concept to put out the message. He had great fun while shooting the video with his photographer friend Bhim.

Pranay always researches about the brand collaborations, in and out. If he relates or can adapt it to his life, he introduces it to his audience in the best manner possible while putting out the brand’s actual values. Pranay recently worked with Nokia, Fabindia, Myntra, Celio, and Peter England. Some International brands include Tiege Hanley, Daniel Wellington, Victorinox.

Anand’s favorite moment would be the one where he created content using a skincare kit from Tiege Hanley. While shooting he went about throwing up the products in the air. It was totally random! While he was editing the image, he came up with this idea of introducing aliens and UFOs trying to suck up skincare products. This helped me portray that the skincare kit was so amazing, even the aliens couldn’t resist. (Told you, a bite of humor is always delivered)

Pranay cannot forget that moment when people were just staring at him while he was just drowning his shirt with a cold drink and ketchup. Standing with people around you and making the drink fall over the shirt instead of the mouth. He was so badly judged there. Such an embarrassing yet fun moment it was.

People often troll by calling him doppelganger of Arjun Kapoor. Well, he makes them realise it’s the opposite! So, in general, he opts for humor against trolls. One of Pranay’s favorite creators is Quyen Mike. His vision and concepts are what inspire Pranay. He mentions, DevanOnDeck creates some amazing content too! He is planning to build a complete production house for digital content creation. On a personal side, he might start leveling up his music game.

Pranay is looking for a long term photo/videographer and an editor (Delhite preferred).

NamePranay Anand
Social ProfilesInstagram, Linkedin, Pinterest
ProfessionFashion Influencer, Photographer

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