“Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness,” Says Glitzy


In a recent interview with Fame Publish, YungGlitzyBoy has explained how his dream was always to have money and fame and lots of expensive jewelry. Now that he has all of that he still explains how depression has not left his side yet.

He explains that “all artists just might be depressed because when we get fame and money and jewelry we’re lonely because we can’t talk to certain people without them spreading the word or half-listening and not giving any good advice”. He explained that ever since he got to where he wanted to be in life lots of people stopped calling and texting because of jealously and also worried he wouldn’t pick up because he’s a busy guy.

He confirmed it and said yes he is always busy but eventually he would return the call, or see them in person if possible. He felt his fans need to know lots of artists that are big-time only act to be happy to impress the fans and act like they’re living the best life when in reality when the camera is off they’re somewhere sad or depressed.

You can’t buy your way out of depression, rappers go through loneliness, betrayal, scams, snakes, robbed, jumped, and etc and the worst part of it all is it never ends. So don’t rush to jump in anything just enjoy your life have fun and value your time.

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