Badshah Khan aka Arif Bohru is the first wrestler from Jammu & Kashmir


The proud moment Mr. Badshah khan from Neel Banihal, Ramban is the first wrestler from J&K.His real name is Arif Saleem BohruHe achieved the feat of winning #worldheavyweightchamand had remained 2 time #TagTeamChampion time back. He wrestled more than 100 matches and is still undefeatable.

He considered the most difficult wrestler to compete. His height is 6’2″ and weighs 105kg. The name ‘Badshan Khan’ name was given to him by #WWE Star #TheGreatKhali. He shared, “I first learned about wrestling from my father. He was the one who inspired me when I was 13.

My father told me about” The Great Khali, his struggles, his passions, his accomplishments, Inspired by telling stories. All these things made me a wrestler and yes, it was my dream to learn wrestling from him, when I first saw him (TheGreatKhali), it was a dream come true, which I only heard in stories, in front of me. Stood up for me, he was coaching me, he was testing my ability and ability.

He gave his best to train me, he was strict with me till I gave my best “.Mr. Badshah was 20 when he first fought in the ring as a wrestler. He worked hard to become a wrestler and his inspiration is Great Khali.

He said that with the love of his Indian brothers he was able to represent India which was his #Dream and he quoted that He Will Show The Real Power of Being An #Indian. Having a passion for wrestling is in his #blood and he wishes to bring laurels to his country India. He is a very fit #Athlete and urges youth not to get involved in steroids for bodybuilding.

He believed in working hard with a proper diet to become #Fit and #Healthy #BodyBuilder. He is an inspiration for the youth of J&K who want to become wrestlers. His dream is not only to stay in the WWE and become a champion, he also has a lot of future plans for the Jammu and Kashmir Youth.

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