AB The Prophit is on a clear path towards becoming a strong force in the rap industry


Since 2008, AB The Prophit (@abtheprophit) has drawn inspiration for his music through various artists and experiences. AB grew up in a musical family. His passion for music originated from his father and grandmother’s musical backgrounds in singing and composition.

One of his most notable memories include playing Nipsey Hussle through the phone for his brother who was in incarceration. Such memories are indicative to him of the expansive power of music and its ability to connect people. Over the years, AB was influenced by east coast artists such as Jay Z, Flatbush Zombies, and MF Doom.

AB admired elements from all these artists, such as lyricism, individuality, and unapologetic flare. He also followed groups such as OFWGKTA and admired the process of unconventionality creating extreme influence in the industry. Similarly, AB aims to shift the paradigm and create his own lane.

In 2014 AB dropped his first single “Goon” which earned him some buzz during his high school years. Following a few years of contemplation and experiences such as being backstage for Earl Sweatshirt’s concert, he took the leap and began to pursue his dreams wholeheartedly in 2020.

The new decade marked the major milestone in his career, as his projects continue to roll out and his true potential has proved to be unlimited. Creativity and originality have always been at the forefront of all his endeavors, as he is deeply driven by his passion and the love surrounding him. AB The Prophit is well equipped for success and on a clear path towards becoming a strong force in the rap game and beyond.

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