Loka releases his debut EP AUTOBIOGRAPHY with Rada.


Loka – An Independent HipHop Artist from Mumbai comes up with his Debut EP named as Autobiography today. This EP consists of total 6 Banger tracks with all different vibe. This would be an Unique EP in Indian HipHop Industry. Loka has signed this EP with India’s fastest growing Independent Record Label known as “Innovura Entertainment”. Loka has already created a hype and bizz in whole Indian Hiphop after one on one banger tracks like “Punjab ki Billo” , ” Shot Deke Gayab” and latest track from his EP itself ” Bhai tera Baller Hai” . These tracks have won many hearts and still played on loop. Loka himself is an Artist with a versatile personality.

Finally today on 8th October , Loka releases his whole EP songs which are now available on all streaming platforms including Insta Music. Loka has already released Bhai tera Baller hai from this EP and finally released his second Music Video from the EP called as Rada, which gonna be a remarkable Rada in the Indian Hiphop. Rada is a unique song and so unique is the video too.

Innovura Entertainment goes on board with Loka and Dropout Media for the all 6 music videos of his EP. Dropout Media shows their unique talent with upgrading themselves in every upcoming music video. Rada Music Video was also a big task for Dropouts since it was like a 50 hour challenge Music video. This all wasn’t possible without teamwork and co-ordination. The team behind this is mentioned below.

Artist – Loka Music
Prod. By – Aakash Ravikrishnan
Shot By Dropout Media.
Initiated by – Innovura Ent.
Publicity Designs – Ganesh Nagwe & Shirish Kumar
Digital Promotion – Shahu Shinde

Music Video Credits

Director – Shubham Dolas
DOP – Jordan & Hardik
Editor – Bhavesh Thakur & Hardik Edits
Production Manager – Saurabh Sharma aka Prince.
Graffers – Omkar Khadtare,Ajay Gupta, Akshay Bidlan

Dancers –
Crew – Gang Destroy
Prajyot Ughade (GoKu)
Rohit Chikal (Ganna)
Sanskar Pawar (Sanku)
Shubham Nikale
Aron Paul (Lucky)
Sumit Asade

Female Dancer – Shruti Jaiswal & Priya Das

Bmx Riders – Fahim Bmx & Jaspal Bmx
Crew – Team 8e

Football Freestyler – Shaun Dsouza

This team were the pillars behind this whole Music Video. Lets support Independent Music and promote their raw talent.

Connect with Dropout –
Mail – [email protected]

Insta – @dropout7studio

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