MC Nikhil An Indian Rapper is All Set To Release Debut Album “MUKAAM”


MC Nikhil is one of the beaming and expanding young Hip-hop adept today. Besides being a happy Video Annotator, he tried his hap in rapping and harmony. His not to be allowed set of harmony videos and songs make him a known superficial part in his circles and fans.

His expertise in singing different types of songs makes his popularity soaring in the recent past more than the pageant. Born as Nikhil Parcha in Mumbai, Maharashtra, he’s better known by his platform name MC NIKHIL. He got introduced to the harmony mode of exercise with the hurl of his first soundtrack “MUKAAM”.

Since then it was no looking back for the Rapper as he kept on arrival with one and the other. Now he is trying to stir him self from INDIA to NEW YORK to come more than he’s sleeping vision.

And now in 2021-2022 he will be dropping his debut album in New York for the esteem for the hip-hop agriculture. Before days he uploaded an instagram record regard his suffering that he wants to become Indian-American Rapper in the Hip-hop agriculture.
He makes rap on you and instagram side view @mc_nikhill

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