Rapper Ox Billy works hard to become an artist, now joins US Entertainment


Ox Billy born “Keith K. Smalls” in the Bronx on April 13, 1982, to Jeanette and Melvin
Smalls Sr. Ox lived on Cypress Avenue in the South Bronx until his family moved to Eagle when he was a young boy.

He grew up with strong values and a strong family presence, serious with school, and just as serious in the streets. As a young man Ox Billy worked hard in St. Anns gym learning the art of boxing which was officially his first love. In his late teens, Ox began to fall for music and began to pursue a rap career.

At the beginning of his startup with rap, Ox received a lot of negative reviews from
people trying to tell him things like to stick with boxing. Or rap isn’t for you, which only fueled his fire for music and becoming an artist.

In his late teens, Ox met Fredo Starr of Onyx who began to work with Ox and even put him down with his group “Yung Onyx”. Ox worked hard and began to perfect his craft. Later he met Mysonne and became a member of his team US Entertainment, during this time Ox Billy is then known as Ox P further worked towards his rap

Ox hit hard times being sent to prison in his early twenties at which time he worked on his craft, worked on his image, and created his signature style. After coming home Ox ended up connecting with DJ Kay Slay who has mentored and is currently working with Ox on his upcoming album “The Rap Titan”.

You can find Ox Billy’s music on all digital platforms, his videos are on Youtube, and you can always hear his music playing on HOT 97 especially during DJ Kay Slay’s “The Drama Hour”. His album will be hitting all digital platforms soon.

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