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Shambho releases Man Soona, starring Pushkar & Smita by Dropout

Finally, Man Soona has been released. Shambho Rapper, one of the finest and Leading Marathi Rapper from the HipHop Industry has dropped his most awaited Music Video “MAN SOONA“, Starring Pushkar Jog & Smita Gondkar, Music by Aakash Ravikrishnan & Shot by Dropout Media.

Man Soona is a Heart touching song sung by Keval Walanj and written by Shambho & Mahakal. After the banger promotion of it’s poster & teaser, the Final Music Video reaching the hearts of people. Whereas, one can watch their favourite Marathi actors Smita & Pushkar from BBM1 in the video.

Through this song, Shambho & Keval are describing how tough the life becomes without their loved ones and is expressed by Smita & Pushkar through their Outstanding Acting. This song is one of the most loved song of Shambho which is also very close to his heart and hope that people can relate the lines. Hiphop is all about reality, so what exactly happens has been conveyed straightly through the situations including the real shits.

This song has been shot in the nature’s beauty in greenery. Dropout Media took an initiative for this whole project. This song is a bit different from Shambho’s all other songs. Afterall, variations are must in life and in content as well, so this is something new what Shambho tried and hopefully his audience will like the change.

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Smita & Pushkar also co- ordinated well for the song and gave a helping hand to the raw youth talent of Independent Music Industry by showing their positive response. The whole team did a fantastic job as it can be already seen from the video, which maintained the level and quality both. The hardworking team consists of ,
Director – Shubham Dolas
DOP – Pankaj Raul, Jordan & Hardik
Editor – Hardik Ranavshe
Publicity Designs – Ganesh Nagwe
MUA – Tania Pacheco Makeup
CC – Prashant Kadam
Casting Director, Production & Artist Manager – Saurabh Sharma aka Prince played their vital role for the success of this song being the backbone of the project without whom it wouldn’t have been possible. Please do share and support and help them to reach maximum. Let’s get united and Support Independent Music & Independent Artist and Raw Talents of Youths.

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