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Naresmak Club, Half A Decade Of History Made By 11 Teenage Boys From Akkaraipattu, Sri Lanka.


Starting a club is easy but running it is hard and running it for half a decade is literally hard. But it became possible by 11 boys from Akkaraipattu, Sri Lanka.

The name of the club is Naresmak founded by Shiraf Mohamed in 2015 at Akkaraipattu Muslim central college. In order, his friend joined him and formed a team of 9 people. The name of the founding members is Kalaam Salman, Nafin Ahamed, Rafeef Mohamed, Safak Ahamed, Shakeel Mohamed, Aspaak Ahamed, Mohamed Musanik & Sabeen Ahamed. Later in order 2016 & 2018, Hijas Mohamed & Mohamed Imadh joined the club.

Naresmak club is located in akkaraipattu, the eastern province of Sri Lanka. The office of naresmak club is at member Naafin’s home at govt boys school road. Members of the club are into multiple business ventures as rice mill, saw mill, building and highway constructions, institutes, consultancy, asphalt plant, imports and exports, crusher plant & real estate.

After this Covid pandemic, all the members have decided to start a new venture in the name of “Naresmak Group“ in Akkaraipattu and lately will expand to all over sri Lanka. Non profit organizations will be a part of it. Proudly said by the chairman kalaam Salman.

As chairman Kalaam Salman said “giving hand to the society is our main goal, we’ll go any far to accomplish it“.

As founder, Shiraf Mohamed said “ we have an idea to expand our team island wide up to 100 members nearly in future “

The club motto is to create a drug-free society around their hometown (Akkaraipattu). Lastly, as members said, we’re heading to make it happen as soon as possible.

It’s highly privileged to be a part of Naresmak club in Akkaraipattu. Not everyone can get into it. There’re lots of procedures to get into the club. Due to Covid, in 2020, they missed to celebrate their anniversary sadly but hope they’ll celebrate it grand by next year.

You can see their members and activities on their Instagram – https://instagram.com/naresmak_club

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