Nature speaks to us, it tells us stories. All I do is I try to capture them, Says Hashim Tariq Bhat


Hashim Tariq Bhat(Born 11 October 2002) is a photographer from Ganderbal Kashmir. He was born to a Kashmiri Muslim family. He finished his tutoring from nearby School in Ganderbal. “At the point when our instructor used to get some information about our points numerous individuals would tell specialist, designing or something different, however my answer was consistently a photographic artist. I accept that camera has consistently assumed an incredible part in my life. It resembles a little companion who goes with me in my knapsack. Hashim added.

He has worked with numerous magazines and taken part in may photowalk and workshops on photography. His clench hand representation became a web sensation via online media in year 2017, I recently caught that picture, with only one aim that this will be memory for me, well I thank web-based media that individuals cherished that image and numerous pages even shared that. Said Hashim.

In 2018 Hashim was on a photograph shoot when he got a mishap that actually didn’t hurted him however genuinely broked him. His focal point and camera both got harmed, he couldn’t figure what he ought to do now. In any case, his diligent effort and devotion won there, he didn’t halted and proceeded with his work with the assistance of advanced cell. At the point when my camera stalled out briefly on the grounds that I had purchased this camera subsequent to setting aside my cash for just about 5 years. Well Allah designs better, without a doubt he is the expert organizer.

I worked for certain Organizations and news gateways as understudy and buckled down.

As a writer Hashim has likewise distributed his own book “Story” about his own work for certain short portrayals. He additionally adores voyaging so he can investigate new places and catch them inside his camera. He as a rule trip to various high heights of the valley. Hashim catches these perspectives and offers his astonishing work on various stages.

Everybody says that kashmir is paradise on earth, such countless individuals vist here consistently and with each season kashmir has it’s own excellence an individual can see. I attempt to locate some great shots during these seasons and attempt to show my work everybody out there. Being a picture taker is once in a while unsafe in kashmir, you should be cautious without fail. Said Hashim.

On asking what undertaking’s you have in your psyche, Hashim answered that,

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