Nepotism Exists Everywhere; Politics, Media, Law & Even in Education


After the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, everyone is talking about nepotism in Bollywood all over the country. In Bollywood, they are given the full opportunity to grow up, who are relatives of a big movie star already frozen.

But I do not think that nepotism is confined only to Bollywood, but it is everywhere whether it is politics, private institutions or government institutions.

Talking about politics, most political parties distribute tickets to contest elections to whom which are already connected to political families. There is no need to give examples by taking names, you can understand yourself, the list is big.

If I talk about private institutions and government institutions, nepotism is big thing here; if someone gets a job here, then the same person starts setting the rest of his relatives as well.

It is also necessary to mention here that only a particular social class is the most active in setting siblings in every field. Anchors of TV channels, from editor of newspapers to journalists, judges of the Supreme Court, High Courts, pandits of temples, monasteries, ashrams, priests all become those whose father, uncle, brother-in-law, fufa, maternal uncle, warts are already in these places and the pegs are sitting tightly.

The question is, should competence get priority or should a particular caste occupying the place with crooked tricks?

Where is not nepotism? Everywhere, then why is the voice being raised only against nepotism in Bollywood and that too after the death of an Bollywood artist. If there was no nepotism before then why was it not raised before that? There should be a voice everywhere against nepotism so that the ability of a capable person does not succumb to nepotism.

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