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Pradeep Rajput ‘Talked Up About His New Single’ – Deets Inside

Pradeep Rajput ‘Talked Up About His New Single’ – Read On (Pic Credit: Poster)

Singer Pradeep Rajput’s new single, was releasing soon. The song, designed with an upbeat tempo and laced with lovely lyrics, presents Pradeep to the groovy beats while sporting a casual yet stylish look. Speaking about the song, he said, “I am excited to finally release the song! This is the first time I’ve super excited for this release, It’s a perfect summer song with catchy beats!’

Talking about how contagious the song’s tune is, the singer further said, “I have been humming the song under my breath for a while now and waiting to introduce the song to the world.

Talking about latest track, Rajput, Managing Director – PR Records said, “‘New single’ is a fun, upbeat song, and Pradeep has done complete justice to the song. We are ecstatic with the incredible response to the song and look forward to giving music lovers more such commercial hits for their every mood.”

He is confident that the song will break the Internet in no time. Earlier, Pradeep has delivered hits like ‘Tum Kyu Chale Aate Ho’, ‘Tum Nahi Ho Mere’, Etc.

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