Quarantine Contest, Initiative of Suman Prasad to motivate young artists during Lockdown


In these times of grief and uncertainty where we have a national lock down and everyone is stuck in their houses in order to stop the spread of this life taking pandemic, people are becoming restlessness and getting agitated staying at home by not being able to figure out how to utilize this quarantine period.

So I Suman Prasad an artist thought of bringing into the table an online contest which is absolutely free of cost #QuarantineContest wherein we have four categories of Dance, Music, Art and Poetry as we firmly believe that every individual has hidden potential and talent in oneself and our main objective to populate this contest was to help people bring out their innate talents out on the platform and smoothly go on with this lock down spreading love and togetherness.

Within 6 days of the commencement of the contest we got more than 100 entries not only from Jamshedpur but beyond as it was available for everyone to be a part of such an amazing contest.

Every category has a separate judge as in me Suman Prasad, the judge for the Art category, Inker Kumar, dance instructor and choreographer, judge for the Dance category, Manas Bhattacharjee, a renowned music artist for judge in the Singing category and Ajitabha Bose, India’s best selling author, as the judge for Poetry category.

We are very overwhelmed by the response we have got and we are happy that we have been successful in fulfilling the purpose of this quarantine contest by spreading a sense of harmony, strength and courage to go about this national lock down fighting the evil coronavirus.

We are thankful to the amazing group of Jamshedpurian’s and the admins of the group Tanushree Tiwary and Vinit Singh for extending us their constant support throughout this contest. We feel humble and full of gratitude.

Written by: Suman Kumari

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