King Ward Aka The Rapper Yung Ap Tells His True Story


(King Ward) Aka The Rapper Yung Ap Is an Artist from Chicago he was born on July, 20 2004. he is currently 17 years old in the year 2021.

He always had love for music back when he was young, his brother use to rap in the fan when they was just 6 and 7 years old and already know a lot just by being kids but in the city of Chicago. by the age of 12 years old you really a man but for Yung Ap.

His mom die when he was only 11 years old his dad did not care about him he was place to place for years sleeping on the floor in come from a family of 6 siblings and a single mother.

It was tuff going up in chicago his says (It was some time’s we didn’t have no food but his mother always made sure they ate even if It was only Roman Noodles They Still Ate) He Didn’t Really Have No Childhood Because everytime he went outside somebody always getting killed.

He always try to be like his big brothers but they would not let him come with them because It was to dangerous. In 2016 his mother start getting sick Yung Ap was only 11 January, 16 ,2016 morning his mother passed away after that his life was never the same.

He start trying to get It own his on with his cousin Shaun they trying to get money every type of way and with his other cousin Yns Pj went to the studio this one day change his whole life around that’s when he start recoding music more and everyday.

He has always had a hard lifestyle growing up in Chicago. because of where he came from He barely had clothes or food to survive It was him And His Mom Pass When he was 11 years old that’s when he had to get out there and get it find a way to make thinks happen.

It Was always his dream to move his family out the hood His brother got killed the death of people he love keep him going he also dealing with PTSD ,Anxiety. His Brother Shaun Keep Him Motivated everyday he on his way up to the top really soon
Yung Ap Always want to be on BET his whole life so that’s what he working on everytime he in the studio.

He have a album coming out called Resilient. really telling everybody how he trying to over come all his problems and pain the starting of 2022 he going to have the game on lock and the musical artist he looks up to in the rap game is NoCap, 147Calboy, and Nardo Wick.

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