Story of Rashmi Vanwani, A Passionate Travel Blogger


Meet Rashmi Vanwani, A successful travel blogger from New Delhi.

 My Travel Success Story

Blogging is easy! It’s one of the major misconceptions among most of the people. But trust me, it’s not! Since I have started my travel blog, I know how much effort it takes to be a blogger! You need passion, patience to become a successful blogger. Almost hundreds of blogs are started every day, but only a few of them achieve their full potential.

Becoming a travel blogger wasn’t intentional from the start. A few years ago, I never thought I would develop a passion for traveling and start my blog Nomadifying. But, as time passed away, I came to know my love to explore and travel, mainly for the mountains! So, here is my story of becoming a travel blogger!

My Journey since Birth

Born and brought up in a normal Indian family, I was just a normal kid who was forced to study, get good grades, take admission in a good college, get a job and become well-settled. Mostly like most of the Indian kids, my life was also a not-so-happening one!

Traveling was something I had never experienced since I was born. I belong to a family that is not at all fond of traveling. The only places where I had ever been were my Nani’s house and Mami’s house till I was 18. Doesn’t this sound boring? Trust me, it was. Apart from this, I went on a school trip to Jaipur which was not at all fun. Visiting to limited places, bounded by teachers, following their instructions, Jaipur was not a fun trip. So basically, I had a no travel childhood as well as teenage.

My First Trip  

Back in 2016, finally my first trip was planned. But, that also took a lot of effort and pain. Like almost all Indian parents who do not allow their kids to travel with friends, my parents also didn’t allow me at first. It took almost 15 days to convince them day and night. At last, my friends also visited my place to take permission from my parents to let me travel with them.

Finally, after so many efforts and requests, my parents agreed to allow me for the trip. Any guesses what was the destination for my first trip? Goa! The must-visit place in the list of places to travel with friends of every youngster. I had a lot of expectations for my first trip. But, Goa was just a normal one. There was nothing special or extraordinary about that trip.

What Made Me Realise My Passion For Travelling?

Even after the Goa trip, I never thought of becoming a travel blogger. My actual love for traveling was born in the year 2017. It was when I went to Rishikesh with my cousins. It was the first fun trip of my life! Before that I never knew traveling could be so much fun.

After that trip, I got to know my endless love for mountains. That time, I fell in love with the mountains, their beauty where getting to the top is optional, but getting down is mandatory!

Since that day, I never stopped. I began exploring many hill stations, mountains, from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu, their culture, religion, and much more. Till date I have explored many villages of Himachal Pradesh, endless dished of Uttrakhand and their lifestyle. Traveling is my passion now.

How I became a Travel Blogger?

The whole world can read travel blogs. The best way to remember your trip, its delicacies, and hidden facts is by writing it down in a blog. In an online blog, you can add your pictures, memories, and everything you want. Most important, it does not cost you anything! Soon after the travel bug bit me, I decided to have my travel blog.

But as I said earlier, it takes a lot of hard work to start a blog. Firstly the website, its layout, theme, and most importantly, the name of the blog, everything takes so many efforts. I did a lot of research, tried to put my ideas on a page, and finally came up with my first travel blog, Nomadifying. My main idea behind this was to help people travel and explore the hidden beauties of this amazing World.


Everyone’s success story of becoming a travel blogger is different and unique in its way. Some get an inspiration to travel from others, some have it in their blood, and some get the desire to travel from their past experiences. Similar was the story that made me become a passionate travel blogger.

This was all about me journey of becoming a travel blogger. From some of the experiences in my past and whole life without traveling till I was 18, my passion and desire to travel came out, and somehow I became a mountain girl, whose love for mountains is endless.

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