Saima Jammal, Pride of Kashmir, sprouting author & anchor in the valley


Saima Jammal is a sprouting author and anchor from the valley, hailing from District Pulwama of South Kashmir.Immersed in the pool of writting since her nonage,she has her right hand in English poetry but takes to Urdu and Kashmiri languages as well. As an anchor, she has successfully hosted a chain of literary events in various parts of the valley.

After the accomplishment of her Bachelors course from GDC, Pulwama,she attained a Master’s programme in English literature followed by a Master’s programme in Education from KU.Apart from the poetic vision,she is keen to talk and write about the pragmatic facets of human life in the face of various articles.She has compiled the very first edition of her notable poems,thoughts and quotes that are to get published shortly.

And this first edition of her will shootforth a vivid presentation of various aspects involved in an emotional connection inbetween two beings.i,e.Love,happiness,romance,seperation and pain.And each aspect is framed with a set of related poems and thoughts.

Furthermatter, Saima Jammal is a Co-author of two well-read anthologies@Hues of life@Words that stay forever. And she is currently an associate partner of a literary organisation@SparksCreativity that in collab with valley’s #1 Self-publishing house@Freshcode books,acts as a platform for the budding artists of the valley.

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