Saloni Mittal and Ayush Yadav take inspiration from ‘SRK’ the King of Romance


Saloni Mittal and Ayush Yadav started short video platform together. They have receive immense love from audience in very less time.

One simply cannot stop admiring, when it comes to Their love and comedy Videos.

They are celebrating the season of affection are dynamic duo Ayush Yadav and Saloni Mittal, who are documented for their romantic short format videos.

A testimony to the facility of collaborative content, their association is well received and their many videos are loved by fans.

Ayush Yadav and Saloni Mittal’s unabashed romanticism is deeply inspired by the one and only king of romance – Shah Rukh Khan. Speaking about it , Saloni says, “I aspire to be an actor.

I look up to Mr. Khan and admire his dedication. I follow his sort of romance and check out to depict that within the absolute best way in my videos.”

In the past, they need recreated a scene from his movie, Om Shanti Om, which was highly appreciated by the audience.

Their popularity is such one among their fans ended up naming her child Sayu, deriving it from Ayush Yadav and Saloni’s name and therefore the hashtag they use while tagging their videos – #Sayu.

Talking about their fan base, Saloni added, “We are fortunate to possess received such a lot support from our fans.

It takes immense diligence and determination to make viral content. We attempt to make sure that with each video, the entertainment quotient and our creativity increases.

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