Scareless, an Esports Gaming Personality


“Scareless” is a professional gamer, and a entrepreneur who first started his Instagram growth in 2016, and proceeded to amass 11,000 followers. After getting 11k followers, Scareless proceeded to work with big name brands such as Ejimoo, and other company’s to help promote their brand.

While he was in the gaming scene, he started a gaming team called Scareless E-Sports, and flew to different tournaments across the U.S. He also played professionally for Team Atrix. And has been offered big contracts with other brand / teams.

Scareless is also a investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum, as a entrepreneur he is also maintaining his own merchandise line and his own website.

He also has multiple different social network platforms that he has followers on, but Instagram is one of his most followed pages.

You may find Scareless at @scy6 on Instagram (

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