Shaunak Chakraborty, man behind success of Gyaanipedia


Shaunak Chakraborty is an Indian writer, author, poet, and a social worker. He is a very kind person and always ready to help those who expect help from him, he started social work in 2008 when he was in class 2.

On 20 July 2011 when he was ten years old, he was honored by the HelpAge India Award, the first award of his life for social work, then he was honored again by HelpAge India in November 2011. After that, he received various awards until this year.

In 2016-17 he saw people of India who were struggling to create an article on Wikipedia, he gained sympathy for them.

In 2017 he created a site Worlipedia, which is a combination of ‘world’ and ‘encyclopedia’ but it was not successful at all.

In the mid of 2018, he finally decided to close Worlipedia and create a new site with an Indian name. He is in a habit of showering knowledge to everybody that’s why his friends, family members, and relatives always called him ‘Gyaani Mahapurush’ which means a man with lots of knowledge.

On 30 August 2018, he finally opened a wiki site, named it Gyaanipedia which is a combination of two words ‘Gyaani’ and encyclopedia. Within one year Gyaanipedia becomes popular in the entire world and now it has more than 16,000 articles in English Gyaanipedia and 21,00,000 + impressions.

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