Shivam Yadav is one of the famous Indian famous influencers and video creators


He was born on the 10th of February in 2003 in Samba, Jammu & Kashmir. His passion is to play basketball and at the age of 14 he got a national certificate on Jammu in under 18 and he played basketball so much. And He loved to travel so much he Recently he went to Manali. He is studying in Niwari. And Niwari district is one of the 52 districts on Madhya Pradesh. Since Childhood, he use to do a new thing. He has done so much hard work and now you can see him he has a huge fan following on Instagram and also on the josh application.

He also got a blue tick and 400k + base on Josh’s application. Shivam Yadav has come from a middle-class family. At a little age, he started thinking about digital marketing and showing his creativity on social media platforms. And he achieves so many things that make him so popular on social media. And he got so much brand collaboration and promotion. He is one and only the best influencer and model of Niwari And Jhansi. In 1 and two months he will reach the 1 million fan following on the josh application and another platform. He is a very hard-working person and sincere person ever seen in my life.

He is not only passionate about men’s fashion but also interested in video creator and outdoor photoshoots as a model. Therefore, he made his mind for his next move as an Instagram influencer. Talking about his parents, Shivam says that he is blessed to have such supportive parents and a lovely family who has helped him in taking his baby steps towards a bright future ahead. Destiny eventually landed Shivam in the fascinating world of social media. Since he is very compassionate about it, the strong community of already established models is ready to provide him a helping hand financially. An adaptive learner, Shivam is a self-taught model who takes inspiration from social media and styles himself through the resources available to him.

Popular model Shivam Yadav has been his constant supply of motivation owing to his fashion sense and his ability to bond together with his audience. His goal is to become a productive and distinctive influencer and reach heights by creating his oldsters proud! therefore, if you suspect in natural endowment and support those who genuinely need to grow, go follow his Instagram to understand additional and see him grow.

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