Shubham Bari Shares His Guinness World Record Experience

Shubham Bari at “The Forgotten Army” event.

Story of “The Forgotten Army”

I’ve always been that kid who curiously read the Guinness World Record books in the school library.

The hype of creating a world record meant something huge! Who would’ve thought that I’d be getting an opportunity for the same this year! While going through Instagram, I came across a post, “The live 100 Experience” was looking for musicians including vocalists, guitarists, drummers & percussionists to create a band of 1000 members.

Shubham Bari at “The Forgotten Army” event.

It was an excellent opportunity for a passionate artist like me to be a contributing factor for the creation of a Guinness World Record!
So I decided to grab the opportunity & sent my audition as a vocalist.

I also told my college friends about this fantastic opportunity for which they were thrilled to know. After a few days of patiently waiting, we finally got a call for the selection. We were told about the details regarding the rehearsal, which was going to take place in Juhu, Mumbai.

My friends & I traveled to Mumbai for our rehearsals. The rehearsal was of four days of which, the last was a technical rehearsal, which was conducted on 23rd January 2020.

We were given the lyrics for the songs which we were going to perform. The songs were for the new released Amazon Prime series called “The Forgotten Army” The songs were written & composed by the famous singer Pritam Da.

Shubham bari
Shubham Bari with Guinness World Record

We had a total number of 3 songs to perform. We were given a dress code for the event, with an Indian badge on our jacket. The rehearsals were quite fun & the feeling to play with 999 others sounded heavenly! We got to meet many like-minded people whose passion is music under one roof & also became friends with them.

24th January 2020 was the grand day when we attempted our final performance for the Guinness World Record. The cast of the Amazon Prime series “The Forgotten Army” was present there. Pritam Da showed up & joined us on stage while performing the songs live. The Guinness World Record was achieved by us for the title ” Largest Indian Cinematic Band” with an army of 1000 musicians. Each member received the Guinness World Record certificate as a Record Holder.

The overall experience was fantastic, all the rehearsals, travelling to Mumbai, learning the notes of the song & practicing finally was worth everything! Whenever I look at my certificate as a Guinness World Record Holder, it takes me back to the whole experience, which is unusual for me & will be cherished forever!