Successful Dropshipping entrepreneur Joti Statovci believes in chasing dreams along with hard work


Dreams indeed do come true when one has the courage and willingness to pursure them. Joti Statovci one of the successful dropshhipping and forex entrepreneurs who ran behind chasing his dreams is a true exemplar of how dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

An ambitious young enthusiast from Kosova, Joti Statovci turned into an iconic entrepreneur in Drop Shipping and Forex Trading. He delved deep to acquire the details and skills of all drop shipping roads which followed to his success in the field. Success here can be attributed to a winning drop shipping strategy which involved setting up multiple online stores in various key niches. Starting from ground zero and without any pre investment for store inventory, Statovci turned the tables with his zeal and an online opportunity to an empire setting examples for many in the field.

Joti created his shop online named which led to his big break. While this may sound child’s play, it takes some mountains to move to gain the particular skill set to make it work. Many sellers in the past have tried drop shipping reaching a flat curve. He didn’t keep the secret elixir to success in drop shipping to himself but shared it with everyone with his free course to give the aspirers to fly over their financial struggles. He is recognized to share his promotions spent details with the world.

Joti has had a roller coaster ride right from the beginning of his career. From working for 15-16 hrs to building his own empire, Joti has made it all on his own while battling various obstacles. Alongside acing his other ventures, Statovci is also a successful FOREX trader, which includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices. He is a self-taught expert in his field.
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