Suman Prasad pays tribute to pregnant Elephant and her child


A pregnant elephant was killed in Kerala said to be the cause of death by eating pineapple-stuffed with dynamite.

Jamshedpur based artist Suman Prasad has created a live painting describing the pain of Elephant and the child in her womb that we want to share with you.

जब जानवर कोई इंसान को मारे… कहते हैं दुनिया में वहशी उसे सारे।

एक जानवर की जान आज इंसानों ने ले ली चुप क्यों है संसार।

This song is from Rajesh Khanna’s film Haathi Mere Saathi. Today, we have also seen the story told in this song with our own eyes.

For some embarrassing act, it is often said that what are animals? But after what happened in Kerala, now this proverb may have to be changed, where Elephant came to the city in search of food, fed the elephant with firecrackers inside Pineapple.

As soon as she tried to eat it, firecrackers started blasting inside her mouth banging and splashing with pain, she ran towards the forest, but here too, she did not leave humanity, during this time, she did not harm the house and the way out of the village, did not harm anyone and went to stand in a river for three days.

She has been standing in water for three days and gave up her life there.

And when the post-mortem took place, even the doctors could not stop themselves from crying when they saw that the elephant was not alone, she had a small life in her stomach. She was pregnant.

Actually, a cruel person has taken three lives, Elephant, her child and the trust what she has done on humans.

That elephant stood in the water for three days and did not let anyone come near her, maybe she was asking for the answer that those who call us animals are you really human?

Suman Prasad says: “As an artist, I have paid tribute through this painting. In which I have shown how pregnant Elephant and her child have left this world of hatred and kept in Elephant’s womb. The last words of the child were mom!. Seeing this, Ganesh ji, who was worshiped, also got filled with eyes.”

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MLA Kunal Sarangi has started a signature campaign and also asked Suman Prasad to make a painting of Pregnant Elephant with her child to pay tribute and to fight for their justice.

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