Sunil Butolia created FAMEPedia, a Wiki Website


Sunil Butolia founder of FAMEPublish created FAMEPedia, a wiki-based website on 18 July 2019, to publish biographical articles, powered by MediaWiki software, which is also used by Wikipedia.

Sunil Butolia is a search engine optimiser and his mission is to provide knowledge panel to young influencers and celebrities.

For this reason he wanted to create such a website where “Person”, & “Organization” schema markup can be implemented to achieve knowledge panel for individual as well as bussiness.

FAMEPedia runs on MediaWiki software that is used by Wikipedia.

Sunil Butolia is the founder and CEO of FAME Internet a digital marketing company. FAME Internet owns FAMEPedia and FAMEPublish.

FAMEPedia looks like Wikipedia, where anyone can create their biographical or business page by creating account on FAMEPedia.

If someone wants to contribute to the website then he/she can apply to become a Contributor.