Sunil Butolia’s FAMEPedia: Empowering Young Influencers and Celebrities


In today’s digital age, information is readily available at our fingertips. One platform that has revolutionized the way we access information is Wikipedia. However, there are limitations to Wikipedia, especially when it comes to biographical articles on young influencers and celebrities. Sunil Butolia recognized this need and founded FAME Publish and FAMEPedia.

Sunil Butolia is a search engine optimizer, and his mission is to provide knowledge panels to young influencers and celebrities. For this reason, he created FAMEPedia, a wiki-based website that publishes biographical articles. The website runs on MediaWiki software, which is also used by Wikipedia.

Sunil Butolia’s vision for FAMEPedia was to create a website where “Person” and “Organization” schema markup could be implemented to achieve knowledge panels for individuals as well as businesses. FAMEPedia looks like Wikipedia, where anyone can create their biographical or business page by creating an account on the website.

Sunil Butolia is the founder and CEO of FAME Internet Technologies, a digital marketing company that owns FAMEPedia and FAME Publish. FAMEPedia is the perfect platform for young influencers and celebrities to showcase their achievements and build their online presence.

FAMEPedia is not just limited to biographical articles. If someone wants to contribute to the website, they can apply to become a contributor. This ensures that the information published on FAMEPedia is accurate and up-to-date.

In conclusion, Sunil Butolia’s FAMEPedia is an innovative platform that has filled a gap in the market for biographical articles on young influencers and celebrities. With its user-friendly interface and accurate information, FAMEPedia is set to become a leading platform in the digital world. Sunil Butolia’s vision and dedication to the project have made FAMEPedia a success, and we can expect great things from this platform in the future.

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