The collaboration of Fame Faiella and Damon Feldman with an inspirational song for the Underdogs creates headlines


These astute minds have tried to create more motivation among all those who dare to dream.

Recent news is abuzz that the undefeated pro boxer and Celebrity Boxing CEO, aka the 16 Minute Man named Damon Feldman, who is best known for providing celebrities their 16th minute by stepping in the ring, has now joined hands with the rising Recording Artist named Fame Faiella, who has created a unique theme with Damon Feldman that is set to inspire the Underdogs worldwide.

The song has been created keeping in mind a genuine intent and goal to provide more motivation to anyone and everyone out there with a dream, emphasizing that anything is possible through passion, hard work, dedication, and a never give up attitude.

Learning from their experiences, both of these astute minds chose to never give up in their lives, which allowed them to come thus far in their endeavours. Anyone who has overcome things in their life can really relate to this song, they say. The new Single titled “Damon Feldman” will soon be released on all major music platforms.

Listen to a preview of the song here:

Damon Feldman is an American businessman, boxing promoter, author, and producer. He serves as the founder and CEO of Official Celebrity Boxing and also authored the book “16 Minute Man”.

Fame Faiella is a Rapper, Promoter, and Artist, born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida. He has been around music throughout his life and is the Protege of the late Fresh Kid Ice from the 2 Live Crew. He was signed to his label Chinaman Records.

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