The Untold Story Releases Zhang Liming’s Short Documentary on An Electrician’s Innovation Dream


BEIJING, July 16, 2021/ PRNewswire/– Zhang Liming has actually held the field electrical contractor for over 30 years. As a worker of the State Grid Tianjin branch’s Binhai subsidiary, Zhang has been approved numerous titles for his work, including Role Model of the Times and National Morale Model.

While he is proud of his blue-collar work, Zhang has actually likewise focused on presenting technological innovations. Zhang has established four generations of live wire robots to

enhance the performance and safety of live wire working conditions. Zhang said the robotics have the capabilities of visual recognition, movement control and electro-magnetic interference, which provide the functions of accurate placing, independent path preparation in line with technical requirements. This brief documentary was produced by The Untold Story, and it generally told the development story of Zhang Liming. In this video, the audience could understand how a common blue-collar employee end up being a leading role in innovation. It revealed Zhang’s excellent character and his

professional expert. Live wire robotics have actually been taken into service in North China’s Tianjin Municipality, replacing human beings in the hazardous work on high-voltage power lines. Zhang has not just motivated the Binhai

arm of the company, but likewise the
whole Tianjin branch following his lead on voluntary work and developments. Contact: Jane Cheng Tel : 008610-68996566

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