सुनील बुटोलिया का क्लीन पॉलिटिक्स मूवमेंट ला सकता है भारतीय राजनीति में सुधार


The Clean Politics Movement started by Sunil Butolia, according to him, there is a need for reform in Indian politics. Because only politicians can improve, therefore they only improve for their benefit, due to which politics has become very dirty.

1. Entrance exams for leaders should be compulsory

Yes, you have heard quite right, it is very important for the leaders to have an entrance exam before going into politics because in the present time any illiterate person comes and stands in elections and is made the Education Minister. Anyone is given the desired ministry without any related experience and knowledge.

Just as experience and education are given priority in jobs, education and experience should be necessary for leaders as well. Only then everything will be fine in the country.

Right now everything is in the hands of the parties, by spreading the desired propaganda, they win the election by giving tickets to the candidates they want. They apply the law as they wish, even if that law is harmful to the public.

Many such examples can be seen, be it demonetisation or GST, in every way the BJP government has made the people cry. Now the railway has been given in private hands, as soon as it goes into private hands, the railway also started showing Manuwadi thinking, recently it has issued advertisement for recruitment, in which the candidate has to be a Vaishya or Brahmin, when When caught, it was called a clerical mistake.

Overall, the government implements the same policies that can benefit their leaders, party, and their favorite businessmen. No one has anything to do with what the public has to do. If the government has to improve, then we have to improve the leaders, starting from the election itself, and that is only when the qualified candidates will come forward through the examination.

2. Stop Brainwashing of Students

Political parties motivate students to enter politics to capture the minds and minds of students in universities for their selfishness.

It is true that a leader is needed to raise the voice for the rights of the students, but for this what is the need that the leader will be from any political party?

It is about the rights of the students, then if there is pressure from any political party on them, then their thoughts will also have the effect of the views of that political party.

It means to say that the students go there to get education so that they can make their invaluable contribution in the development of the country, whereas when the ideology of the political party is imposed on them, they will not be able to think about development. They remain as hangers of the political party. At the same age in which they have to make their career, the poison of hate and discrimination is filled in their hearts by political parties.

3. Lifelong benefits are not acceptable?

The earlier thing was different when the leaders came to politics for the purpose of improving their country and society, when they used to do politics as a social reformer, then it seems appropriate to give them lifelong facilities for their work and hard work.

But now the situation is not the same as before, now the glamor has come in politics. People are now entering politics for the purpose of living the life of money, fame and wealth. He now earns hundreds of thousands of times his salary in his tenure, whereas the earlier society servants used to live in old dhoti kurta. In such a situation, it does not seem justifiable to give them lifelong facilities.

4. The Prime Minister is a servant of the country, not the political party.

This is the first time in the history of India that a Prime Minister, regardless of the dignity of his office, has given his speeches that he has nothing more to do than his political party. This is why a Prime Minister should pay attention to the issues of the country while the Prime Minister in his speeches does not spare his ancestors to throw mud on another political party.

For a Prime Minister, the country should be more than his own political party, when he remains a slave of his own political party, he will continue to do evil to other parties, in such a situation, he will not be able to do anything for the good of the country.

5. Prime minister should be elected more often

If a leader is elected more often it means that he is popular for his actions, he resolves the issues of the people, that is, he is a good mobilizer. Therefore, such leaders should be considered worthy of the post of Prime Minister. Even if it is from any political party.

6. Misuse of Reserved Seats

At the present time, we can see how reserved seats are given to those special people who have nothing to do with the reserved category and their needs i.e. misuse of reserved seats. This abuse should be stopped, to prevent this, those people who raise voice for the cause of Bahujans, fight in front of the movements.

But as long as political parties have the right to distribute tickets, reserved seats will be misused and silent Bahujans will continue to go to the Parliament who can neither speak or protest against anything wrong.

7. Country interest has to be emphasized more than the interest of the political party

Instead of distributing tickets by the political party for elections, should be provided by the Election Commission, the election process should not be in the interest of any political party but in the # country interest.

8. Do not take defection lightly

The free party to enter for your own benefit is equivalent to betraying our society. While in his party, the leaders keep throwing mud at the leaders of the other party, but when that leader has to leave his party and move to another party, then how do the leaders of the other party become good for him?

It is also the case that after winning the election, the leader who gives more money goes to the same party, therefore drastic action should be taken to change the party and the ability to become a leader should also be canceled.

9. Transparency on donations received by the party

Soon after the formation of the government, the BJP made a change in the law and decided that now there will be no investigation of the funds received by the party and it will not be mandatory to make it public. But why? After all, what money does a political party need? MLA to buy?

10. Questions make government trustworthy

Any sly, deceitful leader refrains from answering public questions, he does not hold press conferences because he does not have the right facts. And at the present time, only those who ask questions are being proved as traitors and put in jail. That is, no one will ask questions nor will the government’s poll be revealed.

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