Woahdrip healing the Universe with frequencies


Woahdrip is an Artist, Producer and Engineer born in Dominican Republic based on South Florida.

He’s here to heal the Universe with positive frequencies that reside within his music, working with different types of genres and artists from Hip-Hop, to R&B, Rock, Alternative, Indie, Pop and more!! Woahdrip is a bi-lingual Artist speaking Spanish and English.

He has helped a lot of Artists express and release their pain through music, helping them fight inner demons, depression, loneliness, traumas, expressions and releasing messages that Artists always wanted to release from their heart to the public. Woahdrip is his own Singer, Rapper, Lyricists, Producer, Engineer and Manager, he has a lot of experience in the field of creativity and staying completely independent.

His goal is to make his parents happy, take them out the struggle, retire them so they could enjoy their life to the fullest, while also at the same time helping and healing himself as well as others that listen to his music. He’s here to motivate everyone in becoming their own independent person showing them that if he could do it, they can also do it.

He’s proving to the world that you can achieve anything you ever wanted with consistency, patience, hard work and effort. Very humbled & respectful person Woahdrip is helping everyone around him become the best version of themselves, while also achieving their goals. Woahdrip is here to make an impact through his music motivating, inspiring, helping Artists stay independent and become the best version of themselves spiritually and mentally.

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