YKO made his own brand “Urban Music Production”


Jude (May 21, 1990) professionally known as Y.K.O is a musical artist from fort Myers, Florida.

He has been doing music for last 11 years from now, he started when he was 17 or 18th years old.. He never knew that he was going to be an artist until he got into a basic studio got upfront of the microphone and started to sing a song.

However he says “I was terrible at it.. but never quite” after words he got better at it , and decided that he should also go for rap, just to try both to be exact.

After a few months pass singing and rapping was his thing. However every work that Y.K.O Has done have all been him only.

He also says “he record his own songs, he write his own songs , and also produce my own songs” The artist was born in Haiti but, raise in Chicago for 10 years.. afterwords his family move and he now stay in fort Myers Florida.

He love music working out and enjoying the day each and every moment that im here living in the name of god.

He has about 20k followers on his Instagram page and he named it “Urban Music Production”. He told us the meaning of YKO, the “Young Knock Out”.

Which was your first song?

One Step Closer with Soulja South.

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