Glitzy YouTuber and Rapper Shares His Success Story


YungGlitzyBoy is the first artist I’ve ever seen get signed in 3 months of rapping. It’s been told to me it’s like he predicted the future by posting himself on snap in videos saying he was going to be big one day.

Taking a look at his progress with 12,000 monthly followers on Spotify and verified on every music platform with a label and lots of fans is a blessing. He loves the clout but also he hates it because the haters around it. It has put him in depression before because he was so focused on trying to please and put people on he never thought about letting them work on there own and him achieving his own goals.

He late the hate get to his head and other people get him off guard, but as he took rapping more serious he got it in the bag and took off. He’s planning to release his biggest song that everyone is talking about “Glitzy Diamonds” this month on his birthday July 25th. He also plans to bring music videos for all of his songs pretty soon. I’m proud of his progress and I hope he continues.

YungGlitzyBoy (Cory Campbell) known as “Btr Cory” AKA “King Of Doin It All” is straight from Chicago, Illinois who is 17 years old who first started off as an actor on tv shows and movies that are coming out this year. Then started doing YouTube on free time because he was told by friends he was a comedian and he gained a fan base on YouTube under “BTRCORY” then took a break because he has found the amazing talent to be able to rap which gained him lots of followers and supporters on Instagram once he uploaded a freestyle which gained 1,000 views and 250 likes and comments from big artist saying he has pure talent.

He continued on with it and quickly gained fast clout on dropping his first song viral moment remix because it was made for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. He’s also dropped 2 other songs “Doin Me” and “Lifestyle” which has landed on the website “Genius”, and got radio play. He’s built lots of connections and even got features with big signed artist, he’s definitely off to a good push being verified on every music platform. He plans to continue to drop music and sign after 30 songs. Lastly, go follow him on Instagram at “YungGlitzyBoy” for freestyles and to stay in contact with him.

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