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YungGlitzyBoy new girlfriend rumours?!!! Is it true

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YungGlitzyBoy has been working with a model doing photoshoots it seems like and she’s beautiful. Over snap it seems they been hanging out a lot but no title has been listed. They seem very close but you never know, he could just be helping her build her career.


YungGlitzyBoy is a quiet person lol but we find our way to find information. Her name is “Princess Red” and everyone knows glitzy loves red. She definitely seems like his type so let’s see where this goes.

Princess Red was born on October 19, 1996 (age 24) in United States. She is a celebrity model. Princess Red’s height is 5’5. She’s a upcoming model coming from Chicago to Atlanta into the dance industry and modeling industry.

She’s beautiful and has the tattoos and looks that you haven’t seen before. She moves independently and doesn’t need help from a man to set her career and has grinding her whole life alone which makes her strong. She has the look that drives everybody crazy hope you guys are ready for her.



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