Young entrepreneur Jovaun Battle taking over Instagram Meme Page

Jovaun Battle “age 16” is a young entrepreneur on the rise, he himself owns a 140k network on the instagram platform to entertain and make his followers laugh he is committed to growing his platform and spreading positively and laugher through his pages on the platform.

He owns the pages @sorepods and @am0s with many opportunities that come with his big number of followers. On instagram he goes by “jovaun vert” as his nickname that everyone knows him by.

He uses his platform to gain influx in money from selling promos and shoutouts. A young entrepreneur with tons of potential and possibilities.

Using his pages he opens himself for many doors from connections to making money for himself as quoted “If i really wanted to I could make around 400$ a week with my meme page” the young entrepreneur says.

he has no limits to what he wants to create for himself. He just takes it one day at a time.

Note: This is a company press release, no famepublish staff involve in this content.

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