Dejzi’s ‘Ruffled Orange Dress’ is featured in ‘Modeliste Magazine’


Famous Hollywood model and actress Carmella Rose wore Dejzi’s made dress named “Ruffled Orange Dress” and it was featured in “Modeliste Magazine” famous American magazine.

Designer Diellza Krasniqi, best known by her artistic name Dejzi, told about the publication of her dress on the cover page of the well-known American magazine “Modeliste Magazine”.

Carmella Rose, the famous American model posed for the “Modeliste Magazine” in the dress designed by Dejzi. The photos were taken in the city of Panama.

Carmella Rose looks beautiful in this orange colored dress with lot of summer details, which suited the place very well. This is not the first time Dejzi creations have excelled in the international market the famous Australian singer Katja Glieson also wore Dejzi’s designed dress. She looked gorgeous at the biggest artistic event Grammy Awards.

The yellow dress from “By the Way” collection had a high cut and some additional dark details that contributed to the grandeur and uniqueness of that look.

The Australian singer has posted some pictures on her instagram, implying that she was very happy with the dress of the designer Dejzi.

Australian singer Katja Glieson wore Dejzi’s dress at artistic event Grammy Awards