FAME Publish
A women centric celebrity and entertainment magazine that features music, fashion, lifestyle and much more.

Social Media

FAME Publish on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

We are present with institutional accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

FAME Publish

We use LinkedIn to speak about the Group to the community of professionals that follows the world of Indian media companies, posting the most relevant press releases and news for each brand.


On Twitter, we discuss our initiatives and the most significant news for each individual brand. We collect and sort, when necessary, the requests of those who turn to FAME Publish to publish a book, for an event in a book store or for a copy of a magazine.

You can also use Twitter as a reference channel for economic and financial information, using the hashtag #FAME.


The FAME Publish’s Facebook page is an open gateway to the world. We use the most widespread social network in Italy to talk about the company’s activities, highlight the most significant initiatives of the individual brands and listen to our customers, users and readers.


Our corporate presence on Instagram has been launched to tells the Group’s story through the faces of people who work for, in and with FAME Publish.

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