Narendra Singh Dhami: Nepalese Youngest Social Activist

Narendra Singh Dhami is an Nepalese Social activist who is involved in social activities since 2016, currently he  is campaigning to build a Community Hospital in Raskot. Dhami was born in April 23, 2002 in Darchula Nepal,where he attended Shree Gadibhawan Secondary School Thapla and Shree Rastriya Secondary School Dattu.

He studied from grade one to ten at Gadibhawan Secondary School Thapla after passing S.E.E (School Education Examination) Narendra Singh Dhami joined Rastriya Secondary School Dattu,he studied high school education at secondary school Dattu.

Dhami is also a Actor and author, he have written few books about environment and have acted in few movies like Warning: Do Not Play, Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity and Hacker’s Game Reduex but mainly he is known as social activist in Nepal.

Narendra was born to Mr. Bhadra Singh Dhami and Mrs. Sita Devi Dhami, Dhami has three elder sisters Pashupati Dhami Mahara,Yashoda Dhami Karki, Durga Dhami Khati and one elder brother Laxman Singh Dhami who is a Singer and songwriter.

Narendra is a Founder of News website The Nepal Today, available on both Nepali and English language owned by Nepal Today Network Pvt. Ltd, which is a registered News and Media company in Nepal founded and owned by Narendra. Learn more on his facebook page

Quotes by Narendra Singh Dhami

There is no magic in this world because everything has reason behind them.

– Narendra Singh Dhami

Only that is true love which never complete.

– Narendra Singh Dhami

People die younger because god loves them but we are still alive that means there is someone who loves us more than god.

– Narendra Singh Dhami

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