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Facebook declares FAMEPedia’s CEO Sunil Butolia ‘dead’ by mistake

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About a week ago i.e. on February 1, 2022, Facebook has mistakenly marked the official Facebook page of FAMEPedia’s founder and CEO Sunil Butolia to memorialised.

Now remembering is being displayed on his Facebook page, which is spreading rumors and confusion among his followers.

This was the official Facebook page of Sunil Butolia which got verified (having blue tick) on 15th August last year.

According to social media company, Facebook pages of only deceased ones are memorialised to pay respect to them.

How strange is it that even the biggest company of the world like Facebook can make such a big mistake that without checking someone is considered dead?

Who is Sunil Butolia?

Sunil Butolia is an Indian entrepreneur and founder, CEO of FAMEPedia, an online encyclopedia runs on MediaWiki, the same platform which Wikipedia uses to power its multilingual wiki sites. He founded FAMEPedia on 9th July 2019.



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